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Before purchasing a well pump there are a number of important considerations. At Parker Water wells we will use our expertise to provide you with exactly the right well pump for your needs and specific application.

Pump Overview

Generally speaking there are two styles of well pumps used in the large majority of water wells, submersible pumps (deep well pumps) and jet pumps (shallow well pumps). There are several factors that go into determining which type of pump is best suited for you. Some of the considerations involve your geographical climate, the depth of your well, and to a lesser extent even your budget. In addition, another option is a constant pressure pump system.

Submersible Pumps

The most popular pump used in the U. S. is the submersible, which accounts for roughly 60% of the total. The size of a submersible pump ranges from 3 to 5 inches in diameter with a length of anywhere from 2 to 4 feet. The pump along with the electric motor are constructed as a single component and installed as such into the well. The unit is then powered via a cable that runs from the home to the motor, usually 220 volts. To provide a steady, reliable water supply even during times of drought the pump may be placed hundreds of feet beneath the water level of the well, and roughly runs at a speed of about 3,500 rpms, thus pushing the water up, out of the well, and into your home or business.

Constant Pressure Pump System

A constant pressure pump system allows you to improve your home water system by eliminating pressure fluctuations. With a constant pressure water well system, you do not have to schedule your day around your water usage. For example, the system allows you to take a shower even while the washing machine is running. The system is set up so that when water demand increases, the pump speed increases and when water demand decreases, the speed decreases. The pump only runs as much as necessary to meet demand and maintain pressure. Another added benefit, is the system does not require a large tank for storage, so smaller and lighter tanks can be used in a system that is often mounted on the wall, up off the floor. A constant pressure pump system is truly one of quality, reliability and convenience.

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