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In instances where a well produces a low water yield it is possible to perform a process called hydrofracking, which will often increase the flow of water. However, this process is only appropriate for wells containing water moving through fractures and fissures in bedrock. Applications include either new wells, or preexisting wells experiencing either low, or waning water flow.

During the process high-pressure water is injected into the rock formations down within the well in an effort to expand fractures in the bedrock deeper into the rock formation. If successful the increase in water containing fissures will supply increased well water. A water well contractor that is registered or licensed can only perform Hydrofracking in the majority of states.

The benefits of hydrofraking are that the cost is less than drilling a new well and a satisfactory water flow is often permanently achieved. With that, the hydrofraking process is becoming a popular choice for wells in bedrock with decreasing or low water flow.


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